In 2013, the acquisition of Korea M&A Corporation, the first M&A advisory firm in Korea, by Hillstone Partners (Former CGI Korea), a private equity firm, marked the integration of two specialists into a single team.
Hillstone Partners

 15+ years experienced investment experts established  CGI Korea in Dec. 2010 as Private Equity Fund management company. We had worked in Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Samsung, MiraeAsset and KTB.

 We have expertise in information technology, game and clean technology industry and have a robust industrial network in Asia Pacific market.

Korea M&A

 Korea M&A which The first M&A advisory in Korea was established by SM Kwon who is the chairman of KTB financial group in Korea.

 Dozens of M&A deals was completed successfully and Korea M&A directly had invested in a lot of companies. Recently we are helping Korean companies to extend its business abroad.